Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday Date Night

Well my hubby took me to the Fair up at the Catholic Church tonight. It’s an annual affair. We had to park a couple blocks away.
And we’re walking….we’re walking….

We talked about how we both went to this very same fair when we were younger, funny how things have changed since then. No way would I be caught dead on some of those rides now. I am more of a bumper car, Merry-Go-Round person myself. But it was nice to watch the kids scream and throw up.

And we’re walking….we’re walking….

I thought I might try my hand at shooting the card with a cork gun, but we stood for what seemed liked five minutes watching an elderly lady take aim before her elderly daughter grabbed the gun and took the shot. I guess she was tired of waiting on mom. Then the hubs pointed out to me that the sight was messed up and it didn’t matter what you aimed at because the cork was going to miss the target regardless.

And we’re walking….. we’re walking…

Next up was the “Ring the Bell Test of Strength.” You know, you drive a sledge hammer onto a scale and send the ringer up to the bell, if you’ve got the strength. I reminded my hubs of the last time he did that and won a stuffed animal for me. He promptly informed me that he wasn’t looking to pull something or have an accident in his shorts. Oh well, I am not the stuffed animal kind of person anyway.

And we’re walking…..we’re walking.

“Oh, those funnel cakes smell good” my hubs commented.

“Too greasy” I said.

“How about a Corn Dog then” I said

“Too expensive! By the time I buy one and a coke to wash it down, I’ve spent $6.00.” said hubs.

“Are we being cheap tonight?” I asked

“Yep.” He replied

“Hey!” I said to my hubs, “there’s a firefighter in a dunking tank. Let’s go take a shot. Three balls for a $1.00.” We stood there and watched for awhile, there must have been 12 kids in line. We decided to mosey on over to the Cake Walk.

Finally the hub’s says “You wanna play? Fifty cents a try!”

“Sure.” I said. I was hoping he’d want to play. I have always loved the Cake Walk. I once won a whole Coconut cake for my daughter when she was a little girl. Well, I felt stupid tonight. The object of this game was to sit in a seat with a number on it. Mine was number 7 and his was number 8. When the music starts, you start walking, when the music stops, you sit down. No rush. They weren’t going to pull a chair out of the circle to make every scramble for a chair. I guess there were too many elderly people. The host then pulls a number out of a big plastic pickle jar, and then announces the winner. Trouble is…the older people wouldn’t get a move on it and when the music stopped, I ended up in chair 21 and the hub’s was in chair 22. We didn’t even make it all the way around, due to the old people of course.

“And the winner is….number 7!” the host announced.

I got up to leave and the hubs asked “Are you quitting?”

“Yep” I said

Are we being cheap tonight? He asked

“Yep.” I replied. “Let’s go home. I’ve got box cakes in the pantry. I can make my own darn cake faster than I can win one playing this game!”

And we’re walking…and we’re walking … all the way back to the car. Some big date night, Bluuuueahhh (that’s me blowing a raspberry)!!!!

Maybe tomorrow night I can have a do over and he’ll take me to the movies. I want to see “Hereafter.” We’ve already seem “Secretariat.” It was an awesome movie. I’ll definitely watch that one again!


CCC said...

That made me smile. We just get more practical as we get older. Well unless your riding around on horseback chasing bulls but I'm the same most doing most other things. Great post, thanks for the chuckle.

Jenny said...

Ames. I love this. It partially sounds like my date nights with my husband. Love the cake walk part of this story.

Viki said...

I guess fairs aren't as fun as when your little or younger, ha. I saw the previews for Secretariat it looks like a great movie. I'm too cheap though and will watch it when it comes on TV, ha. Hope you got to the movies.