Monday, September 13, 2010

Why do we take pics of cakes??

As I was going through some pictures today, I happened to notice that I take a lot of pictures of cakes. Does anyone else do that? Why do I do that? It's not like I can actually recreate some of these cakes. Trust me when you scroll down you'll see why!
My daughter-in-law's baby shower cake.

My sister-in-law's Snowman cake (store bought I think)

 A dear friend's 80th birthday cake, made from cup cakes.

more birthday cakes

My daughter-in-laws wedding cake.

My poor poor daughter's wedding cake. It  was her second marriage and she wanted a very private yet elegant ceremony. When we took it out of the box she cried. It was supposed to be pastel pink covered in a "delicate"  ivory lace. I felt so bad for her. She did get her money back though.
And now (don't ask me why I took pics of my own cakes. Who am I kidding??) my own attempts at cake baking. Ha Ha!
Every year I ask each grandson what kind of cake they want grandma to make for their birthday. Believe me, they challenge me every year. They ask for worms, bugs, Skittles, Gum drops, Reeses cups you name it. Here are just a few.

So I guess people take pictures of cakes to share. Aren't you glad I blessed you with these images? :D

Ok. Now I need to go make a cake. I've got a sweet tooth just looking at these.


Viki said...

I think we take pictures of cakes because they look so darn, cute, pretty etc. Even your homemade ones look good to me, lol.

ain't for city gals said...

The only pic I ever took of a cake was this year at my mom and dad's 60th wedding anniversary..somehow the bakery transferred their original wedding picture onto the was very cool. I think I blogged about it in my may 2010 posts if you want to

Deb said...

Fun post! I enjoyed the photo's of the cakes. I think everyone takes pictures of cakes, I guess because they are works of art in a way. I had a wedding cake disaster too! The lady that made it for me was supposed to use almond liquor for flavoring and must have bought some sort of pink liquor I ended up with a hot pink cake so I took it to a grocery store and they scraped the hot pink icing off re-frosted it for me. It was still ugly but at least it wasn't hot pink. Thanks for posting this,it really took me back to that special day!

CCC said...

I think I want cake too. Fun pictures.

Amy said...

I found your blog through Jenny Matlock and HAD to see who shares my nickname. I am Ames to my close family!
I love love love that first cake. How fun is that? And who made it? So much talent! And anyway, I think your cakes though possibly not as elegant, certainly have the mouth watering effect. Wow, can you make a cake for my birthday too? :)

Jenny said...

I love the cakes. The top one is really neat! Mine always lose something in the translation from brain to execution. Yours look delicious.