Monday, September 13, 2010

Loving and Living With Dogs

I am allergic to dogs, cats and horses. I have always had them at one time or another...sniffles and all. Somethings you just have to compensate for. We waited a long time after our first dog, Chloe', died from a seizure before we got another one. My husband said if we get one, we get two. He did not want them to be lonely when we weren't at home. So we got litter mates. Tinkerbell whom we call Tinker (L), and Baby (R). My husband didn't want me to get Baby. He said she was sickly and would die. You see, she was the runt of the litter. Her poor little head was so scarred up from being bullied and pushed to the back of the food line. But I insisted. I said I love her already and she was going home with me. Thus her name "Baby". She was so sick. I had to come home from work every two hours to hand feed her (she had Hypoglycemia and has since been diagnosed with Epilepsy). Look at her now. She is full of piss and vinegar, and fat! Just like her mommy! They both give us many days of joy. And we spoil them rotten.
Like when we go for ice cream. They go too! 

We spoil them with a lot of toys. Flat, dead or dirty, they know each and everyone. They've been seen doing a head count too! Can you find Tinker?
"Warning, Warning!!" Baby going in for the kill, and she will. And it get's pretty ugly too! She disembowels every toy we bring home. We have since resorted to buying flat toys devoid of stuffing. Such a killer!

Sometimes they get an attitude! "No! I won't look at the camera!"

Just like a child, they sometimes need afternoon naps. "I'm sooo sleeepy"

Sometimes they need it to be dark when they sleep.

Ahh my shadow. Baby loves the warm air that blows out the side of my lap top too!

They steal heat......(pay no attention to my husband's Hulk pajamas!)

and they steal seats. "But I want to see mommy!" She really is my shadow. Most of the time she is sleeping behind my back while I am sitting in my office chair.

 Always the little beggers! (Pay no attention to my husbands robot pajama's. The grandkids always buy him funky jams. And he wears them!)

Daddy bringing them to mommy for a good night kiss.....

because when they're ready for bed they go out like a light!

Thank goodness they let us sleep in the big bed with them too!


CCC said...

LOL too cute, and the pajamas are awesome. My cowboy wears only Homer Simpson ones. (But his underwear, honestly, pink pigs? )

Deb said...

Your babies are too cute! I love the photo where they have their heads under the blanket. I'm going to have to get Hillbilly some of those pj's!