Sunday, September 5, 2010

If one picture could sum up the word "Imagination" what would it be?

(Playing with empty boxes. What child doesn't ? That's me on the left.)

All the time I was growing up I always thought our family was poor. In all actuality, we were just an average middle income blue collar family. We weren't poor by any means. Looking back on my life growing up in the 1950's, I have come to realize that life was just more simpler then. I just didn't know it at the time. We had a home, food, clothes, an education and toys. But better than that, we had our imagination. It's what we utilized everyday to entertain ourselves and it's something that today's children have no concept of.

Our parents didn't cave in to the latest toy fads, they simply told us to go outside and play. Go and explore. Today all I hear is Xbox this, and iPod that. What ever happened to children going outside to play? To really play. I'm talking dirt around the neck, red cheeks, and torn pants at the knees play. We had our school clothes, our church clothes, and our play clothes (also known as our chore clothes). But best of all...we had our imagination! My grandmother said it, my mother said it, and I have said it to my daughter. Kids grow on dirt, so go outside and play!

When my grandchildren come to my house there are no Xbox games or Ipods. There is however an abundance of board games, arts and crafts, match box cars, lizards, frogs, rocks, empty shoe boxes, odd shaped things found in nature and dirt. Lot's of it! So when I send my grandchildren home. They have dirt rings around there necks, pink cheeks and wonderful adventures I hope they will remember when they have grown old. I hope they too will realize that they weren't poor, but rich because they had imagination! ~Ames

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ain't for city gals said...

Sounds like we had the same child hood...wish we knew then how good we really had it! For me the best things to teach kids is how to play and then how to work when they get older...two things that will serve them well in life...Unfortunately, doesn't seem to be taught much now a days..(good grief..I sound just like my mom!