Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Peek at Halloween

Another Peek at Halloween

I found this cute little sign at Dollar Tree.
A perfect menu board for BUNCO night hors d'oeuvres.

It's a dreary day here in Florida. We are being washed in rain from a tropical depression that's making it's way across our peninsula. So the lighting isn't that great for indoor pictures. You'll have to click on the picture for a better view.

I have been working on my witch's potion desk (actually my sofa table). My husband helped me make the witch out of the grand kid's gum ball machine. Can you tell she is casting a spell? I made some of the potion bottles myself: Hair of Werewolf, Human Flesh (fingers) and Eyeballs. And the candelabra was an ugly $2 find at the thrift store that I asked hubby to paint black for me.
Even the rats are worried about their little friend who seems to be trapped under glass.

I bought this little book at the thrift store for $1. It had a nursery rhyme pasted to the pages. I peeled it off and my husband spray painted it black. I then printed out this whimsical spell on a crumpled brown paper bag and glued it onto the book, propped it on an easel and whalah! The creepy cloth on the desk was purchased for .25 cents at the thrift store.
 Once again, sorry these came out so dark. But hey...isn't Halloween supposed to be dark??? Whahahahahahahahah~ Ames

P.S. I'll update these photos tomorrow when the sun comes out.


CCC said...

Have you ever thought of having a second career as a set decorator? Wow.
I think you're even convincing the Mrs. Scrooge(Baahumbug) in me that Halloween could be fun.

Ames said...

Well if I didn't have all the grand kids around and lived out away from all the trick or treaters I probably wouldn't decorate for Halloween either. Maybe Fall though, just because I love the season. I did moulage on victims for emergency training excercises back in the day. So yes, it is fun to make something look realistic. I have to reel myself in though because my grandchildren are still quite young.~Ames

Deb said...

Super creepy and I love it! You are so creative. I still haven't convinced Hillbilly to get in the attic to get my halloween decorations out. grrrrr.

Jenners said...

Everything looks so wonderfully spooky ... but really classy too! I love it!