Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Halloween Tree

I heard a noise one late and dark night, and what I saw outside was such a scary sight.
This crazy old witch flying under the radar, she bounced and she swerved and she just missed my car. I opened the front door to take a closer look see, and in she flew fast and crashed into my tree! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alphabe~Thursday "B" is for Benadryl

Today I am participating in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe~Thursday. This Thursday is about the letter "B".


Benadryl is my friend; I sleep like a baby when it kicks in.

I’ve been poked, and prodded, and endured his endless whine.

I can’t fall asleep that fast, when he’s out like a light at nine.

I toss, I turn, I punch my pillow a time or two. Oh good lord what the heck am I to do.

Covers off, it’s hot, covers on, it’s cold. Oh boy is this really getting old!

Just when I get comfy and sleep settles in, he pokes me in the ribs and says “you’re snoring again!”

That’s it! I’ve had it! It’s time to pull out the big gun. I think I’ll buy some Benadryl and give my money a good run.

You’ll not know what hit you, after you drink your evening tea. It will be lights out dear husband and a good night’s sleep for me.

Oh how I Love you Benadryl, let me count the ways. One o’ clock, two o’clock heck this could go on for days.

I thank you dear doctor, your secret’s safe with me. I promise not to give him, more than one, or two, or three. ~Ames

**Please don't put Benadryl in your tea! The post was just for fun. Always consult your doctor before taking any over the counter medications in quantities other than indicated on the product packaging!~Ames

Halloween Costumes

Costumes from the Past
When my daughter was little, times were hard and there was very little extra money to spend on things such as Halloween costumes. The night before she was suppose to have it, (and isn't that the way it usually is) my daughter tells me she needs a costume for a contest at school. I managed to come up with this.......
....and she won "First" place in the contest.

From that day on, my little girl became excited about making her own costumes.

One year we made ourselves into "Maw and Paw" and went Trick or Treating around to the local business' that were having a "Safe Night" out for all the local Trick -or-Treaters. I even went by my own employer and no one knew it was me. Hee hee!

As years went by, my little girl grew into a mommy and started making costumes for her own children (that's another post). Gone are the times when I could have a little fun too....


Who said Grandma's can't play dress up too!
Hee heeeeheeeheeeeheeeee.....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Peek at Halloween

Another Peek at Halloween

I found this cute little sign at Dollar Tree.
A perfect menu board for BUNCO night hors d'oeuvres.

It's a dreary day here in Florida. We are being washed in rain from a tropical depression that's making it's way across our peninsula. So the lighting isn't that great for indoor pictures. You'll have to click on the picture for a better view.

I have been working on my witch's potion desk (actually my sofa table). My husband helped me make the witch out of the grand kid's gum ball machine. Can you tell she is casting a spell? I made some of the potion bottles myself: Hair of Werewolf, Human Flesh (fingers) and Eyeballs. And the candelabra was an ugly $2 find at the thrift store that I asked hubby to paint black for me.
Even the rats are worried about their little friend who seems to be trapped under glass.

I bought this little book at the thrift store for $1. It had a nursery rhyme pasted to the pages. I peeled it off and my husband spray painted it black. I then printed out this whimsical spell on a crumpled brown paper bag and glued it onto the book, propped it on an easel and whalah! The creepy cloth on the desk was purchased for .25 cents at the thrift store.
 Once again, sorry these came out so dark. But hey...isn't Halloween supposed to be dark??? Whahahahahahahahah~ Ames

P.S. I'll update these photos tomorrow when the sun comes out.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Centus #21 ~ An Amusing Antidote

Saturday Centus #21

I am linking to Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. It is a themed writing meme. You can use UP to 100 words (not including the prompt) to tell your story. You cannot use pictures to illustrate your story. It can be fact or fiction.

This week's prompt is in bold: He never dreamed when he blew out the candles on his cake...


An Amusing Antidote

His eyes darted around the room. “Twenty years he thought, twenty long and miserable years. Day after day I suffered their glib comments, their demands, and these stupid little office celebrations. Well, they aren’t fooling me ever again. He who laughs last laughs the longest.” His mind raced to his desk drawer. His salvation was there, waiting in silence for him. He never dreamed when he blew out the candles on his cake that it would be so easy. He smiled…“Oh you can have your cake and eat it too!” quietly amusing himself.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Peek at Halloween

A Peek at Halloween

My new little nesting boxes. I love the vintage look!

I looked all over for these little pumpkins and finally found them in a little gift store in Alachua, Florida.

I love bowl ornies! I ordered these little candy corn ornies online a couple of years ago. I even use them for Thanksgiving.
Well that's a peek at what I'm working on. See ya later! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday ~ "A" is for Ammonia

Today I am participating in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe~Thursday. She is starting round 2 with the letter “A”. My post is about “Ammonia”.


When I was a child, I made the stupid mistake of cleaning the family bathroom so well that my father made it my regular chore. Did I tell you that I hate cleaning bathrooms? As a mother, I always made my daughter do this dreaded chore. When my daughter left home, I hired a cleaning woman. Now that I’m retired, I am back to either doing it myself (bleah) or bribing my husband with some kind of dessert if he will do it.

When I decided to participate in Alphabe~Thursday, the first word that started with “A” that came into my mind was “Ammonia”. I think of Ammonia as an old fashioned household cleaner. It is a very versatile cleaner. Mom always kept a bottle of it in the bathroom linen closet alongside other strange cleaners. As a child, while trying to clean the cast iron tub in our bathroom, I made the almost tragic mistake of mixing a well known name brand of powdered cleaner with liquid ammonia. I nearly killed myself. It created this huge toxic cloud of Chloramine gas. My father had to set up a fan to air out our entire house. It is truly amazing that I managed to make it to adulthood!~Ames

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rut Roh

Remember this???................


Or "Angel"???

Quick and Easy Mexican Wedding Cookies

Here I am putzing around the house on a Saturday afternoon. The husband is gone, fishing on the river with our son-in-law, and I am snackish for something sweet. So, I'm having one of those WWMD (what would momma do?) moments.

We never had store bought cakes, cookies, or pies growing up. Mom always made ours from scratch. I think I may have kept this recipe from when I was in 4-H. It's quick and easy. These cookies are light and fluffy and just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy the taste buds.

Quick and Easy Mexican Wedding Cookies

1 stick of butter, softened
1 cup of all purpose flour
1/4 c granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract*
1 cup powdered sugar

~ You can substitute any extract flavor you like. I did half and half almond and vanilla.
~ You can also add finely chopped nuts if you prefer.

Beat butter and granulated sugar together until creamy. Add the flour and extract next. Using a spoon, scoop out a small amount and roll it in to a ball about 1 inch in diameter. This recipe should make about 2 dozen cookies if you stay consistent with the size. Mine always come out larger only because I want them NOW!

Place rolled cookies on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Cool on wire rack for a minute or two, then roll in powdered sugar. I always roll mine once, let them cool even longer, then roll them again. Just because I like a lot of sugar coating on mine. Enjoy! ~Ames

Saturday Centus #20 ~ Down and Dirty

I am linking to Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. It is a themed writing meme.
You can use UP to 100 words (not including the prompt) to tell your story. You cannot use pictures to illustrate your story. It can be fact or fiction.
This week's prompt is in bold: "This is never going to come out," she thought as she scrubbed at the spot on the worn carpet.


“If I had only known he would be just like her, I would never have married him. The bastard!”

“This is never going to come out,” she thought as she scrubbed at the spot on the worn carpet.

“Katherine!” The hairs on Katy’s neck stood up. A sharp tingle ran down her spine.

“Yes mother Preston!” Katy flipped the door mat over and scrambled to her feet just as the matriarch thumped into the kitchen.

Old lady Preston constantly barked orders to Katy as though she were her personal servant. “Don’t forget how I like my steak seasoned!”

Katy fought back the urge to smile. “I didn’t mother Preston, and I made sure John knows which steak is yours.”

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey Look What I Found!!!

After treating myself to a massage today, I did a quick walk through a little Thrift store nearby. I found these cute items and just wanted to share them with you.

First off, I have to say, I can't believe people let go of some things, but we all have our reasons for hanging onto and letting go of things. With that said, I found this....

Isn't this nice? If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you will see that someone put a lot of time and effort into making this and then got rid of it. I paid $1.50 for the crewel work and 50 cents for the salesman sample of green material underneath of the bunny. I think there is enough of the green material to make a backing and piping for a little pillow out of both. And I have just the place for it when Easter rolls around.

My next lucky find was this cute little African Violet planter. Only I think I am going to use it in my kitchen to grow mint for my Mojitos. :-) Or maybe African Violets. I dunno, I'll have to see if the mint survives. Last year I planted it in a pot outside and it spread everywhere. My husband wasn't too thrilled with that. But he did enjoy the Mojitos I made with the home grown mint.

I saved the best for last.  These cute little pumpkin Tureens are from Crate and Barrel. They were made in Portugal and I purchased both for $1.00 each. I think they will look real cute on my Fall dinner table or in my hutch. Haven't decided yet.

I had a lovely day today. First with a relaxing massage, then finding these cute items for the home, and then meeting my husband for lunch. And he bought this time. Woo hoo! What more can a girl ask for!~Ames

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My View~Space Shuttle Night Launch

Space Shuttle Night Launch
(going to miss seeing these)
Some fun facts about the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building)

  • It is the fourth largest building in the world by volume and the largest single-story building in the world.
  • The floor area covers 348,000 square feet.
  • It is 526 feet tall (that's over 52 stories),716 feet long, and 518 feet wide.
  •  Rain clouds form below the ceiling on very humid days. And anyone that has been to Florida knows how humid it is here.
We were out on the boat for this launch. It was a beautiful night. Sometimes the skys are so clear you can watch the Shuttle travel through space with the naked eye for a long time after it has launched, and you can see the solid rocket boosters fall back to earth.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why do we take pics of cakes??

As I was going through some pictures today, I happened to notice that I take a lot of pictures of cakes. Does anyone else do that? Why do I do that? It's not like I can actually recreate some of these cakes. Trust me when you scroll down you'll see why!
My daughter-in-law's baby shower cake.

My sister-in-law's Snowman cake (store bought I think)

 A dear friend's 80th birthday cake, made from cup cakes.

more birthday cakes

My daughter-in-laws wedding cake.

My poor poor daughter's wedding cake. It  was her second marriage and she wanted a very private yet elegant ceremony. When we took it out of the box she cried. It was supposed to be pastel pink covered in a "delicate"  ivory lace. I felt so bad for her. She did get her money back though.
And now (don't ask me why I took pics of my own cakes. Who am I kidding??) my own attempts at cake baking. Ha Ha!
Every year I ask each grandson what kind of cake they want grandma to make for their birthday. Believe me, they challenge me every year. They ask for worms, bugs, Skittles, Gum drops, Reeses cups you name it. Here are just a few.

So I guess people take pictures of cakes to share. Aren't you glad I blessed you with these images? :D

Ok. Now I need to go make a cake. I've got a sweet tooth just looking at these.

Hello?? I'm ready for Fall now.

There is a slight change in the weather today. There's actually a breeze. It puts me in the mood for Fall. I started looking through some old pics I took. Oh Fall, Fall where art thou??

Well, I guess that means ...Road Trip!!!