Monday, August 23, 2010

These hands will never touch one!

My sweet hubby took me to our local B-B-Q restaurant yesterday evening for supper. I always liked the decor and noticed immediately that they had taken down all the natural Florida photography and replaced it with older images from past lives in my hometown. One particular image that caught my eye was the photo on the wall just above our table. It was a black and white photo of a man holding up a rattle snake with a garden hoe. I love photography and in particular old black and white images. I told my husband I should enlarge a few of the old pictures I have of my family and hang them on our walls . My husband immediately said "you don't have any pictures like these" and I said I do too. And here it is. A picture of my Mamaw Lena holding up a six foot rattlesnake with her bare hands. The snake killed behind a shopping plaza close to where she lived. Mamaw Lena was a very tall woman, and certainly a tough old gal. I like to think I am made of the same grit she was, but these hands will never touch a snake! Never! Eewahh!!!~ Ames


CCC said...

It's kind of cool experience you'll be missing out on. Dead ones don't bother me much. I think you really should add that to your bucket list. Everyone should do at least one yucky, fearsome thing in their life, right?

Jenny said...

That is a really neat photograph - I also love black and white photography!

Deb said...

I love the photo of Grandma! She doesn't look scared at all but I'm with you, I don't care to touch one at all!