Thursday, August 19, 2010

Montana Part 4

                                Grant~Khors Ranch
                                    Deer Lodge, MT

I always wanted to see a real ranch. A big Thank You to my husband for driving off the course of our planned trip so that I could see this ranch.
The main ranch house.

The new edition on the back.

The view from the back porch.

The cook wagon was made from an old army wagon.

The cook told me that cowboys were young men. Mostly teenagers. They would fight over who would get to grind the coffee beans for the cook because the one that did the grinding got the pepermint stick that came in the coffee bag.

The bunk house kitchen.

The cowboys wash room.

The bunkhouse.

View from the bunkhouse.

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CCC said...

Wow, nice ranch. I didn't know coffee came with pepermint sticks in it, how odd. I can sure see why cowboys were young, it hard on old bodies and dangerous work.