Thursday, August 19, 2010

Montana Part 3

                                                  Yellowstone National Park 



CCC said...

Old Faithful, the geyser? I always called it Jellystone park when I was a kid. Never been there but maybe someday I'll get to go. Us Canadians need a passport to travel into the US now and I have yet to get mine.

Ames said...

It is considered a supervolcano and there's been an increase in seismic activity in the last five years. We drove across Norris basin and when I saw all that steam coming from the ground it made me very anxious. Knowing we were driving on top of a volcano made me want to get the heck out of there. But I was glad I had the chance to see it.
I need to get a passport to go to Canada. I have always wanted to see parts of Canada. Especially Prince Edward Island. I am a big fan of the "Anne of Green Gables stories." ~Ames