Saturday, August 14, 2010

Montana ~Part 1

Our first day in Ennis we decided to take a 20 minute drive over to Virginia City, an old historical gold mining town of the old west. Many of the old building are still used as business'. It was just a sample of what was to come.

Virginia City, Montana

The Overland Stage Coach

Patiently awaiting their next trip.

An old store front
The Opera House
The Fairweather Inn

Virginia City, Montana

More store fronts.

Virginia City, Montana

What a view those people have in that lone house way out there!

This fella was having separation anxiety from his mistress. He was raising a ruckus in the street

An old Merchantile store.

After we spent some time in Virginia City we headed back to Ennis. We were tired from traveling all day and wanted to eat dinner before they rolled up the side walks. I managed to take a few pictures of Ennis before dinner. There are some very artistic people in Ennis. The owner of the Cafe' sang Karaoke while we ate. It's hard to chew and smile and the same time. I also saw my first Magpie. Such a beautiful big bird  in blue, black and white colorations. We also walked down by the river and my husband found an Atlas Quest box, our first as well.


I was told the woman that was selling this did the paint job.

Our first Atlas Quest box. To learn more about Atlas Quest go to

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Deb said...

It looks like a wonderful trip. Such beautiful scenery and I bet it was COOL there. What I wouldn't give for a snow covered mountain right now...

Thanks for coming by my blog and for all the nice comments!