Monday, August 23, 2010

If you love a good dog story.....

Baby and Tinkerbelle aka "Tinker"
If you love a good dog story you must rent the movie Haichiko, starring Richard Gere. This movie is based on a true story about a college Professor that takes in an abandoned dog. Fair warning though, you must have a box of tissues handy. My husband was constantly stopping the movie so I could go and blow my nose or get another tissue. As I looked over at my husband holding our fur child "Baby" across his chest, and then looked back down to my side where our other fur child "Tinker" was honey'd up to my side stealing the warmth of my body, tears flowed even more from my eyes. Both of our dogs are so little and depend on us for everything. I don't even want to imagine their fending for survival on their own. They follow us everywhere and patiently await our return home, rewarding us with kisses and smiles. Dogs can be very faithful, loving, trusting and joyous creatures. I am so grateful to have ours. ~ Ames


Deb said...

I haven't seen that movie but will be sure to rent it the next time I go to the movie rental place. I love a good dog movie.

I'm really enjoying our new puppy. He is so sweet and such good company and keeps us laughing everyday.

Very nice post.

Have a great day!

CCC said...

I can't watch dog movies, I'm way too tender hearted. Your little dogs are really cute and I bet have quite the personalities too.

Jenny said...

I don't know that I can handle a tear jerker but maybe I will work up the courage to check the movie out :-)