Monday, August 23, 2010

These hands will never touch one!

My sweet hubby took me to our local B-B-Q restaurant yesterday evening for supper. I always liked the decor and noticed immediately that they had taken down all the natural Florida photography and replaced it with older images from past lives in my hometown. One particular image that caught my eye was the photo on the wall just above our table. It was a black and white photo of a man holding up a rattle snake with a garden hoe. I love photography and in particular old black and white images. I told my husband I should enlarge a few of the old pictures I have of my family and hang them on our walls . My husband immediately said "you don't have any pictures like these" and I said I do too. And here it is. A picture of my Mamaw Lena holding up a six foot rattlesnake with her bare hands. The snake killed behind a shopping plaza close to where she lived. Mamaw Lena was a very tall woman, and certainly a tough old gal. I like to think I am made of the same grit she was, but these hands will never touch a snake! Never! Eewahh!!!~ Ames

If you love a good dog story.....

Baby and Tinkerbelle aka "Tinker"
If you love a good dog story you must rent the movie Haichiko, starring Richard Gere. This movie is based on a true story about a college Professor that takes in an abandoned dog. Fair warning though, you must have a box of tissues handy. My husband was constantly stopping the movie so I could go and blow my nose or get another tissue. As I looked over at my husband holding our fur child "Baby" across his chest, and then looked back down to my side where our other fur child "Tinker" was honey'd up to my side stealing the warmth of my body, tears flowed even more from my eyes. Both of our dogs are so little and depend on us for everything. I don't even want to imagine their fending for survival on their own. They follow us everywhere and patiently await our return home, rewarding us with kisses and smiles. Dogs can be very faithful, loving, trusting and joyous creatures. I am so grateful to have ours. ~ Ames

Friday, August 20, 2010

Montana~ Finis

                                                             Montana Randomly

Montana Territorial  Prison

Butte, Montana
Our Lady of the Rockies
Montana Children Center 1894-1975

This orphanage was out in the middle of nowhere! Can't imagine living way out there back in the day.

Built in 1894


Prairie Dog


Blue bird

End of the rainbow

Montana sunset

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Montana Part 4

                                Grant~Khors Ranch
                                    Deer Lodge, MT

I always wanted to see a real ranch. A big Thank You to my husband for driving off the course of our planned trip so that I could see this ranch.
The main ranch house.

The new edition on the back.

The view from the back porch.

The cook wagon was made from an old army wagon.

The cook told me that cowboys were young men. Mostly teenagers. They would fight over who would get to grind the coffee beans for the cook because the one that did the grinding got the pepermint stick that came in the coffee bag.

The bunk house kitchen.

The cowboys wash room.

The bunkhouse.

View from the bunkhouse.

Montana Part 3

                                                  Yellowstone National Park 


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Montana Part 2

Our second day led us to the town of Nevada City. The entire town is a living history museum made from 1800 circa buildings rescued for the preservation of Montana's history.
My hubby checking out an SUV. LOL!
Montana's oldest school house
A two story Outhouse.
From Nevada City we drove to Bannack State Park. Bannack is Montana's first territorial capital and now a Ghost Town. We walked through all buildings that were unlocked and captured these images.

Skinner's Saloon
My hubby bellied up to the bar.
Skinner's Saloon/Barbershop

Hotel Meade/Court House

Inside the Hotel

Old church.

School house down stairs and Masonic Lodge upstairs.