Sunday, February 8, 2015

Alphabe~Thursday Love Letters

The month of February is about celebrating Love. 

It got me to thinking about the many ways we convey our love to others.

Expressing Love, in today's terms, seems to be about showering people with expensive gifts.

You know....Jewelry, Chocolates, Flowers.....

Do people write Love Letters anymore?

Do people even  write Letters anymore?

During times of war many soldiers took comfort in letters from home. Some full of hope and some full of heartache. They were a distraction from the atrocities of war.

I am told most children in school are no longer learning to write in cursive. What a loss.

I am told the United Post Office will be a thing of the past at the rate we are going with communicating by phone, texts, and emails.

I can't help but think how wonderful it would be to get something in the mailbox other than a bill. 

A letter.

Even better....a Love Letter.

Won't you send one today? 

And if you can write in cursive, won't you send one to someone who will cherish it?


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Friday, January 30, 2015

Alphabe~Thursday K is for It’s killing me.

Alphabe~Thursday K is for It’s killing me.

If you look in the right side bar of my blog, you will see a picture of my home.


And the view in my header is actually ….my view.

It is beautiful here.

Yet it’s killing me.

All my sisters have moved out of state. They say they are never moving back to Florida.


My neighbor is moving on too. She says she is never moving back to Florida.


Do people really need the hustle bustle of the bigger cities?

Yes I have to drive 20-25 miles to go to big “A” box stores.

Yes I have to drive 20-25 miles for big chain restaurants.

But look at that view.

How could you say no to that view?

It’s killing me.


I feel left behind. L

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget.

"Out of the depths of sorrow and sacrifice will be born again the glory of mankind."
~Winston Churchill

I am still crying.